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[audio]Am Brunnen Vor Dem Tore - Asaguare
Slightly modernized version of a German folk song. Lyrics: Wilhelm Müller Music: Franz Schubert
Keywords: folk; ethno; synth; vocals; lyrics; song; german
Downloads: 1,750 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Old King Cole - Asaguare
English traditional nursery rhyme with celtic flair. Vocals: Gluttony
Keywords: traditional; folk; ethno; vocals; lyrics; song; english; celtic; fiddle; bodhran
Downloads: 1,315
[audio]Ultima Vez - Asaguare
Just to contrast with my latest tech/electro submissions, this is a very softly flowing ballad. Almost pure acappella - I've only added some shy percussion and a nice guitar solo. Please lean back and relax... Vocals, lyrics: SilviaO
Keywords: latin; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; choir; chill
Downloads: 1,238 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Tu Es Mon Soleil - Asaguare
French Chanson style Popsong. English refrain add. vocals: Fenix
Keywords: pop; chanson; vocals; lyrics; song; french; english
Downloads: 1,210
[audio]Totentanz - Asaguare
Haunting poetry setting. Lyrics: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Speaker: Klaus Kinski
Keywords: experimental; classic; poetry; poem; german; goethe; soundscape
Downloads: 1,006
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts I - Asaguare
Part 1 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes.
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; minimal; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 678 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Yalla - Asaguare
Creole Folk Some nice folk style dance music. The other day a mate and I were discussing odd measures, in particular 9/8. Never did such rhythms before, and I was wondering how such a song would turn out. Well, the playing wasn't very hard, but the singing really needs concentration. When you had 4/4 and 3/4 for decades, a sudden 9/8 doesn't feel familiar, I can tell, but in the end it was fun and the result seems to sound pretty much authentic.
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; french; song; creole; dance; folk; accordion; concertina
Downloads: 624
[audio]Dilihali Jelimee - Asaguare
Chilling fusion of Minimal Electro and Worldmusic.
Keywords: ambient; world; fusion; minimal; electronica; world; ethno; vocals; india; chill
Downloads: 623
[audio]Doriath - Asaguare
Chilling downtempo arrangement of 'Doriath', a theme by Morph. Vocals: Suki Add. backing track: Morph
Keywords: alternative; downtempo; epic; pop; vocals; song; choir; chill
Downloads: 527
[audio]No Catcher In The Rye - Asaguare
Pop Ballad When I had to read Salinger in school I found 'The Catcher In The Rye' was too depressive. About 20 yrs later I rediscovered the book and enjoyed it.
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; english; song; pop; ballad; alternative
Downloads: 494
[audio]Zebroid - Asaguare
Improvising over a whole-tone-scale - which ressembles drawing lines and stripes on the guitar's fretboard - made me imagine a herd of zebras, chilling and browsing in a central African savannah. Hence the title. Call it a laid-back zebra atmosphere... but always a certain thrill in the air: a predator possibly squats behind the next bush.
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; jazz; guitar
Downloads: 444
[audio]Dingding Thing - Asaguare
This was my Free-Tibet-contribution and a rather weird fusion of different audio elements and styles. The idea was born when I found an acapella sung by Sa Dingding during an interview. She was said to be the rising star in modern asian/pacific pop scene and might have been the first eastern artist being able to enter western world top charts. Well, guess this really could happen - she already got several music awards, and her sorta traditional Mongolian singing/intonation style is embedded in w...
Keywords: asia; experimental; china; tibet; mongolia; vocals; lyrics; chant; industrial; jazz; ethno
Downloads: 439
[audio]Danse Macabre - Asaguare
Experimental Essay - spoken poem: 'Danse Macabre' by Charles Baudelaire. Found a nice recording of this Baudelaire-poem, read by a female French. Of course I had to process her performance via vocoder to make her kind of chant chords and match the musical background track (Saronni's version of 'colors shift'). I also inserted a couple of guitar melodies to create a bit more atmosphere.
Keywords: experimental; poem; poetry; vocals; spoken; french; vocoder; baudelaire
Downloads: 419
[audio]Tiger Burning Bright - Asaguare
Percussive poetry setting. Speaker: MJK (aka acclivity) Lyrics: William Blake (1757-1827)
Keywords: alternative; tribal; ethno; percussion; vocals; lyrics; spoken; poem; poetry; english
Downloads: 419
[audio]Ave Maria - Asaguare
Arrangement of Charles Gounod's Ave Maria (based on Prelude No.1 in C by Bach).
Keywords: minimal; electronica; piano; classic; bach; prelude; gounod; maria; sacral; virgin; glitch; synth
Downloads: 399
[audio]Schwarzes Herz - Asaguare
German metal ballad.
Keywords: rock; metal; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; german
Downloads: 397
[audio]Black Is The Colour - Asaguare
Misty version of a traditional Scottish folk song. Vocals: Lisa DeBenedictis
Keywords: alternative; ethno; folk; celtic; vocals; lyrics; song; english; ballad; chill
Downloads: 392 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Apotheose - Asaguare
Chilling poetry setting. Our grand master of surrealism not only brushed his canvas, he also found time to write. Here's one of his essays, read by himself, garnished with vocoder and some cute ambience. Vocals: Salvador Dalí (Apothéose du Dollar, 1967)
Keywords: ambient; vocals; lyrics; spoken; french; poem; poetry; chill; dali; vocoder
Downloads: 387 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Farewell Bumba - Asaguare
Pop/Rock/Ethno - variations on D/Bm. Choral vocals: Jatson school choir (tibetan) Solo vocals: DaisyCrazy
Keywords: alternative; pop; rock; ethno; vocals; tibetan; english
Downloads: 386
[audio]Amamocra - Asaguare
Epic style World music and Arabian chant merging into Drum'n'Bass.
Keywords: alternative; epic; ethno; world; vocals; chant; arabia; oriental; groove
Downloads: 384
[audio]Skizofrenia - Asaguare
Alternative Pop, featuring Liliana (vocals/lyrics) a singer from Hungaria.
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; hungarian
Downloads: 372
[audio]Wide Water - Asaguare
Folk - Celtic traditional in a simple arrangement, just vocals, piano and guitar. Vocals: Maura
Keywords: folk; ethno; celtic; traditional; love; vocals; lyrics; song; english; ballad; piano
Downloads: 336
[audio]Sanskri - Asaguare
Electro/World soundscape ft. Hindu/Sanskrit vocals.
Keywords: ethno; world; electronica; pop; vocals; sanskrit; india; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 334
[audio]Kufstein - Asaguare
Synthpop version of a traditional Austrian folk song. For those who don't know the original version: it's a quite sentimental and drippy waltz in major key with simple lyrics and joyful melody, usually performed by vocalist/choir and a good amount of strings. My electrified version is in minor key and the lyrics are sung via vocoder. To maintain authenticity, I've thrown in some yodel clips. Lyrics: Karl Ganzer
Keywords: electronica; synth; pop; traditional; folk; vocals; lyrics; song; german; austria; vocoder
Downloads: 334
[audio]Kwikchat - Asaguare
Dancefloor beats with Japanese voices. You know I love to play with vocals, and this one embeds a postprocessed, fairly experimental speech track. Some might get nervous about this constant background bushwah, but I love it - a funny little murmuring creek.
Keywords: experimental; dancefloor; japanese; vocals
Downloads: 334
[audio]Rose In June - Asaguare
Traditional cajun waltz style folksong. Don't listen to this if you're under 50. Play it to your mother, or even better, your grandmother... she will love it.
Keywords: folk; oldie; cajun; waltz; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 321
[audio]Green Lilacs - Asaguare
Traditional Celtic ballad Probably one of the most famous english folk songs, also known as 'Once I Had A Sweetheart', and has been a favourite of mine since I started guitar exercises in the 70s. However, the guitar is not dominating in this version; I tried to create a more common medieval atmosphere.
Keywords: ballad; traditional; vocals; lyrics; english; celtic; folk; ethno; violin; guitar; harpsichord; lilacs; sweetheart; love
Downloads: 321
[audio]Ieva Patapouf - Asaguare
Catchy traditional Finnish polka theme (Ievan Polkka). Male vocals: herkko
Keywords: traditional; folk; ethno; polka; vocals; lyrics; finnish
Downloads: 302
[audio]Hnadeya - Asaguare
Strange ambience with rocking drums and African chanting. Vocals, lyrics: Afroganic
Keywords: alternative; ethno; vocals; lyrics; chant; africa
Downloads: 298
[audio]Uilleann Piobairi - Asaguare
Irish pipe theme; rather slow and calm flight through little countryside villages.
Keywords: instrumental; ethno; celtic; irish; folk; bagpipe; frame drum
Downloads: 281
[audio]Uskudar - Asaguare
Slightly modernized version of a traditional Turkish folksong (Üsküdar'a gideriken). Vocals: EVRiM
Keywords: dancefloor; folk; ethno; traditional; vocals; lyrics; song; turkish
Downloads: 278
[audio]Damals - Asaguare
Sad German pop song about remembering old times and old love.
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; german; sad
Downloads: 265
[audio]Failin Gawds - Asaguare
Ambient Industrial
Keywords: alternative; industrial; ambient; noise; instrumental
Downloads: 259
[audio]Earn A Quran - Asaguare
Holy reading over Minimal Deep Tech-House. Although I'm atheist and never cared about political/religious correctness, I had to drop this one as pure provocation; just to satirize the recent hype of 'Burn a Quran' (which IMO is a silly idea anyway). From a musical point of view I love listening to any meditative recitings, and after a couple of western and eastern mixdowns it's just another one in a series of spiritual chanting tunes...
Keywords: experimental; ambient; electronica; minimal; house; ethno; vocals; lyrics; spoken; chant; oriental; recitation; meditation
Downloads: 250
[audio]Que Pena - Asaguare
Latin Dancefloor (vocals/lyrics: Tamy) Don't know much about the Portuguese language and I'm an even worse dancer, haha, but when I found Tamy's pella, I just had to give it a try. The title means 'what a pity' and although the mix was intended to sound technoish, it came out rather triphop and mainstream... pffft, what a pity, but it's ok - so it has got a nice latin groove for moody moments...
Keywords: dancefloor; latin; disco; brazil; triphop; vocals; lyrics; song
Downloads: 248
[audio]Fish In The Wall - Asaguare
Odd sound/voice collage, actually much of nonsense, also embedding a nice poem by Necromanos. A project that started without concrete musical concepts, just the idea of creating a sort of surreal dadasim ambience.
Keywords: experimental; collage; weird; humour; vocals; lyrics; voice; spoken; poem; poetry
Downloads: 248
[audio]Straniera - Asaguare
Italian Electropop Such latin disco music kinda boomed in the early 80's in many German clubs. Wasn't liking it too much at that time, but rediscovered its drippy retro atmosphere lately. Lyrics: Francesco Carosone Vocals: Flavia Capodicasa
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; song; italian; disco; electronica; pop
Downloads: 241
[audio]Voyages En Train - Asaguare
French poetry setting on Tech-House beats. Lyrics: Fabien Marsaud
Keywords: ambient; dancefloor; house; electronica; vocals; spoken; poem; poetry; french; chill
Downloads: 238
[audio]Torque - Asaguare
Ambient Electronica Compilation of a synth/bass pad, some arranged drum patterns and Kristin Hersh's outstanding pella whose lyrics and voice gave this tune a good amount of timeless poetry, embedded in a haunting, yet kinda melancholic atmosphere. Vocals, lyrics: Kristin Hersh Backing Pad: Smyglyssna
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; english; song; synth; pad; progressive; ambient; electronica
Downloads: 234
[audio]Shoshaloza - Asaguare
African Ethno, weird acappella mashup. This almost became a choral cluster - the first version had 8 voice layers. But to preserve at least a little bit of transparency, I removed some and ended with 4 layers plus percussion. May still sound confusing, anyway it's interesting to pick and trace individual voices. Vocal artists: Mtuba Thulisa, Mandyleigh Storm, Vieux Farka Touré, Emily
Keywords: experimental; collage; mashup; pop; ethno; chant; vocals; lyrics; african; africa; english
Downloads: 233
[audio]Non Mi Ricordo - Asaguare
Industrial - Glitchy dark ballad Vocals, lyrics: Susan Joseph (aka SackJo22)
Keywords: industrial; vocals; lyrics; song; italian; latin; dark; ballad; glitch; soundscape
Downloads: 226
[audio]Tibetan Rhapsody - Asaguare
Ethno sound collage with tibetan samples, Jazz and Gabba elements.
Keywords: alternative; ethno; vocals; tibetan; jazz; dancefloor
Downloads: 223
[audio]Til Our Wedding Day - Asaguare
Ambient version of the Irish traditional tune 'She Moved Through The Fair'. Vocals: Anne Briggs (recorded 1963) Backing vocals: Asaguare Guitar: Morph
Keywords: traditional; irish; folk; ethno; celtic; ambient; acoustic; percussion; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; english; chill
Downloads: 213
[audio]Around Dusk - Asaguare
Tony, a friend of our family, once was playing just for fun on a midi guitar in my brother's home studio. They happened to record a couple of bars with a choir/bells pad sound setting, and when I listened to it the other day, I thought "hey, that's nice, let's see how it works in an arrangement". Hence I surfed around, collected quickly some clips/loops here and there, without having a plan or an imagination of how this weird blend would sound like...
Keywords: alternative; dub; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english; soundscape; pad
Downloads: 211
[audio]Tao Mountain Chant - Asaguare
Shaman drumming and chanting. Vocals: oberonskye
Keywords: ambient; ethno; percussion; pad; voice; chant; chill
Downloads: 201
[audio]Jamaconato - Asaguare
Chillout Latin Jazz arrangement. Vocals, lyrics: SilviaO
Keywords: ambient; vocals; lyrics; song; latin; jazz; guitar; saxophone; strings; choir; bossa
Downloads: 201
[audio]Tanto Ruido - Asaguare
Dark minimal dubstep. Vocals, lyrics: SilviaO
Keywords: raggae; dub; vocals; lyrics; song; latin; minimal
Downloads: 201
[audio]Retrolakme - Asaguare
Electronica Modernized interpretation of The Flower Duet from opera Lakmé, written by Léo Delibes (1836-1891).
Keywords: electronica; retro; classic; opera; delibes; flower duet
Downloads: 201
[audio]Heimweh - Asaguare
German/English guitar ballad about being far from home. A quite old one, must have written it in the early 80s. Kept it arranged simple - only guitars and vocals - just as I used to play this tune over the years.
Keywords: ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; german; english; guitar
Downloads: 197
[audio]Glossica - Asaguare
Weird vocal mashup, containing processed voice clips and Glossolalia samples.
Keywords: experimental; collage; vocals; voices; language; glossolalia; tongues
Downloads: 196
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